Is It Good to be a Bad Woman?

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Society tells us what good and bad are. It has set some standards to determine it. These standards are not universal, so they do not apply to men and women equally. What is considered good for a man is not necessarily considered good for a woman and vice versa. Therefore, being a bad woman in the eyes of society is not quite bad. If a woman performs certain actions, she will be judged and tagged as a bad woman. But it is good to be bad in this context.

Many women do not have a choice. They cannot choose what career they have, who they will marry, and how they will live their life. But if they do by going against the set norms of the family and the society, they are tagged as bad women. Exercising the freedom to do what you want is a fundamental right of every individual. If someone exercises the right, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Also, women are judged on how they look in terms of their shape and size. They are shamed for having body hair and dress in a particular way. If you are a woman who wears what you want, you don’t need to think about what people think about you.

Finally, for a society, a good woman obeys all the norms of society, never questions them, and does not have an opinion on how she should shape her life freely and think freely. If you have all the above qualities, it is good to be a bad woman. Cheers!

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