The Illusion of a Good Man in a Patriarchal Society

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This article aims to discuss how some men are appreciated for not being too patriarchal even though they never question their status and privileges in society. An example of this kind of man can be found in oneself (if the person is a man) or in our family and friends. There are some signs of this kind of man that are mentioned below.

  1. Not so complaining person: when a woman cooks, this kind of person does not complain much, or do not scold for not cooking properly even if the food doesn’t taste good. He will apricate the woman for cooking and serving. But he himself thinks that it is not his job to cook or clean. He would never try to help her in the kitchen, especially in front of relatives. Because deep down he believes that cooking is something that is not compatible with his masculinity.
image source: indiatimes

2. Protective: Men think of themselves as protectors of women, ironically from other men. But for them, protecting women means limiting the freedom of women. They do not want to give those special rights to women that might help them to uplift. For example, men do not want to share their property with their sisters. Likewise, they don’t hold accountable men for raping women immediately but they doubt a woman’s accusation instantly.

3. Respect women but also control them: Actually, a patriarchal good man respects those women who can be controlled. They do not like women who decide for themselves and want to live lives of their own. Women who are not dependent on their fathers, brothers, or husbands are not accepted because there is no one to control them. These men will not support the independence of women.

In a patriarchal society, men are always considered superiors. They are taken to be protectors and saviors of women. They think of women as lesser beings who need their protection. They will not question these patriarchal norms. They do not want any change in their social status. A good patriarchal man in society tries to protect women for protecting patriarchy only.

Image: Movie Hum saath saath hain

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