3 Reasons Why You are not able to Focus on Your Work

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No matter what kind of work you do that is, whether you are a student that needs to focus on his or her study, or you are a working woman or man, or whether you are a homemaker, you need to focus on your work and must perform it efficiently. But, you might, sometimes or in most of the time, feel low and could not be productive in what you are doing. Not every time, you afford to remain unproductive or to do nothing.

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Before thinking of the solution, I would focus on showing why, in general, we feel low and could not do our works efficiently. In my view, there are three reasons; and all three reasons are connected with each other.

  • Laziness: I am not accusing anyone of being lazy. Being lazy is understood as a privilege or a luxury. But when you want to finish a project and could not stop yourself from being lazy, it is not a privilege at all. For example, sometimes, I feel lazy even in doing the work I am very interested in. After giving a lot of thought about what, I find out that the reason for laziness lies in a kind of mental stress and dissatisfaction from the current situation.
  • Mental stress: There can be various reasons for mental stress. It can be due to work pressure or caused by personal problems and disputes. Mental stress takes all your energy, your enthusiasm, and more. That may be the cause of you not feeling motivated enough.
  • Dissatisfaction: Another reason why you could not focus on your work is that you are dissatisfied with something or someone. It is also caused by various factors like you can be dissatisfied with your current living situation, or you may not be happy with your relationships with others, or you are not satisfied with the result of your work.

It may seem that I am trying to justify laziness, but believe me, if you are going through some mental stress and dissatisfaction, you cannot help but feel lazy; it really takes away all your workability and productivity.

What is the Solution?

It will help if you remind yourself constantly about how important your work is for you. You need to focus on your work by keeping aside your laziness (though it is very tough to keep aside the stress and dissatisfaction) because you cannot afford to stop. Working in this kind of situation takes a lot of effort, but you do not have any other options. Therefore, you have to spend a little time on your work. It could be as little as 20 minutes-1 hour only. But believe me, when you track back how much work you have done, the result would be satisfactory.

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