Feminism in a Nutshell: What it is and What it is not

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There are people (including women) who do not want to be tagged as feminists even though they strongly believe in gender equality and equal rights. This is because there are various misconceptions about what feminism is. Here, we will see what feminism really is, and what it is not.

First, we will see what is not feminism.

  1. Feminists are not anti-men: It is a very common view that feminism is anti-men; feminists hate men etc. Certainly, it is not the case. If something is about women and non-binary people, it does not imply that it is the opposite of men. Yes, it is against patriarchy, toxic masculinity, etc. but it is nothing against men. The goal of feminism is gender equality, not the domination of women over men.
  2. Feminists are not anti-marriage: Most of the feminists question marriage as an institution but it does not mean that they are against marriage at all. To marry or not, is one’s personal choice. The main concern of feminists is to make sure that in a marriage the woman is not the subordinate position; she must be treated equally and she must have fundamental rights.
  3. Feminists are not anti-motherhood: Feminism is also not anti-motherhood. But it is certainly against reducing the whole identity of women into their wombs. For feminists, motherhood is not a liability; it must not be forced on women. It is a choice and a woman is not incomplete if she does not choose to be a mother. According to Feminism, womanhood is not equal to motherhood.
Megan Li • The Student Life

Finally, we will see what feminism really is:

Feminism is about all about gender equality. Therefore, it includes the concerns of all genders such as females, transgenders, also people who do not fit in any gender (non-binary people) and males. It questions all kind of gender stereotypes, gender roles and responsibilities that society and culture thrust upon the individuals. So anyone can be a feminist.

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