Friendship or Romantic Relationship?

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This article does not intend to show that a friend is more important than a romantic partner or vise versa. Rather it discusses on what basis a relationship must be prioritized. We feel a special need for finding “a true soulmate” instead of a true friend. Yes, we all understand that there is a need for a true friend, but we rarely make an effort to find one. But we often dream of having a perfect romantic partner. We care more about it and less about friendship.

However, there are at least 2 major reasons why friendship should equally be prioritized if not more than the romantic relationship:

  • In friendships, people do not choose each other to fulfill any specific purpose. They are together because they like each other and feel a special bond. And whenever they stop feeling the bond, they can easily get separated from each other. Unlike it, romantic relationships contain lots of expectations and commitments. They are also associated with the idea of bodily satisfaction, marriage, and family, etc.
  • Friendship does not depend on how you look or what social and economic background one has. One becomes friends with others because both of them have similar views and understanding.
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It may be difficult to find a soulmate or perfect partner because many conditions and expectations are associated with a romantic relationship. While in friendship, what is basic is understanding that enables one to share his or her emotions and problems without a worry.

We all know the value of friendship but do not give much attention to it. But we can see that we should prioritize and nourish friendship too. This is why people seek a friend in their partners.

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