Important Words for Essay Writing

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Essay writing is not an easy task. One should be very clear with what he or she is trying to say. There are some important words that help the scholar to convey the meaning in a precise manner. These words can be divided into the following categories:

a) Attribution: These words indicate that something is attributed to someone or something. So they are not general but refer to something specific. For instance, according to A, A argues, A expresses, A shows, A suggests, A demonstrates, A states, A explains, A proves. (Let’s assume that A is a person.)

b) Conjunction: following conjunctions can be used for connecting two sentences:

Comparison: In the same way, likewise, just as, both…and

Contrast: However, nonetheless, in contrast, but, yet, still, even so, on the other hand, instead.

Condition: unless, until, if and only if, if, then, in that case, that being so.

Addition: In addition, additionally, furthermore, moreover, similarly, and, also, as well, besides, not only, but also, besides.

Result: Therefore, hence, so, thus, as a result, apparently, consequently, because of this, thus.

Conclusion: to sum up, in summary, in sum, in brief, in conclusion.

Time and place: First(ly), second(ly), third(ly)…, finally, lastly, in last. Then, afterward, previously, subsequently, prior to, next, first and foremost.

c) Evaluative: these words indicate positive or negative sense or understanding of the particular words or objects:

Positive: important, effective, main, significant, valid, useful, major, relevant, valuable, beneficial.

Negative: irrelevant, minor, necessary, insignificant, biased, invalid, problematic, questionable, controversial.

These are a few useful terms for effective essay writing. They might be helpful in presenting one’s position before the reader or audience more aptly. Though the author must use it with care so that the real meaning does not get corrupted.

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