Men as Victims of Patriarchy: How Patriarchy Disadvantages Men

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Image Credit: Chloe S.

We always tend to believe that patriarchy harms to women only and privileges men. This article maintains that smashing patriarchy is desirable for both men and women. Though it is also true that patriarchy privileges men in many ways, but it is equally important to understand that men are also victims of it. And breaking patriarchal norms liberates men too.

Patriarchy bases its foundation by determining gender roles. That is, a particular would perform a certain kind of function or role only. For instance, men are assigned to work outside the home, while women are limited to household work. This division of labor is also based on the assumption that men are strong, powerful, and rational, whereas women are gentle, weak, and emotional. This assumption creates problems for men and women equally.

The roles and actions are assigned to or forced on men, are not necessarily what the men actually want to do. For instance, men are often shamed for choosing a career as beauty experts, chefs, fashion designers, etc. Although society is changing, it still cannot accept a man as a homemaker by his choice. Even if a man enjoys doing stuff like cooking, cleaning, or caring for children, he cannot express it; he cannot simply do it. Such a man is not accepted by the patriarchal system. If he does so his whole identity would be questioned.

Additionally, men are considered to be rational. Rational is the opposite of being emotional. Therefore, to be a ‘real’ man, it is crucial for men to hide their emotions. Otherwise, they will be labeled as weak and irrational. Consequently, men are not free to express their feelings and emotions before others. It affects the mental health of men.

    Thus, smashing patriarchy is essential for liberating men also as they are constrained in the gender role too. They also find it difficult to escape from this constrain. Hence, the abolition of patriarchy would help to make a free and equal society for not only women but for men too.

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