Remembering Savitribai Phule on Her Birthday

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Savitribai Phule was born on 3rd January 1831. She was the first female teacher in India. She did not have any formal education as there was no school for women in India. Her husband Jyotiba Phule, a social reformer, taught her informally. The couple felt the need for women’s education. They founded a girl’s school.

Savitribai with Fatima Sheikh, a colleague, took the task of women’s education. Their students were mostly from oppressed caste. They fought against caste and gender-based discrimination. Her contribution is a boon for all women but especially for oppressed class women.

Savitribai Phule is not only an educationalist but also a feminist as her aim was to bring gender and caste-based equality. She fought against the Brahminical Patriarchy that aims to retain caste and gender-based hierarchy.

Apart from educating girls, they also founded a Mahila Seva Mandal where women gathered and discuss important issues and women’s rights. Thus, she tried to bring awareness of women’s rights too. She fought against social evil like child marriage and sati-pratha.

Savitribai died in helping people during the plague. She brought a plague diseased person to the hospital on her back. Thus, she also got infected by the disease and died on March 10, 1897.

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