Tips for Completing your Dissertation on Time

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Writing a dissertation is a large-scale project. It needs proper planning. Remember when you started, it might have seemed very easy to finish the dissertation in the given amount of time. But as long as you proceed further, the difficulties keep increasing. It is a very tedious job that requires not only dedication but motivation too. Sometimes, we want to do everything but write. There seems to be no motivation. Sitting in front of the computer seems like the most demanding job. Writers struggle with how to write continuously so that they might finish their projects on time. There are some tips to keep motivated for writing in the given time:

  • Writers always tend to think that they should write when they feel inspired. This is a very problematic approach. Don’t wait to feel inspired. “Although inspiration does play a large part in crystallizing the main focus of your dissertation, inspiration will not get you a completed dissertation.” (Peg Boyle Single: 2010)
  • Those who need to finish their project on time must sit to write regularly. Inspiration may come in between. Make a schedule and try to stick with it.
  • Make small and realistic goals. Give yourself a deadline and try to follow it.
  • Prepare yourself before start writing. The purpose of the preparation is to avoid writer’s block. You have to be done with pre-writing. Although there is never going to be complete pre-writing. But if you feel that now you have the raw material for your fifty to seventy percent work, it is enough to start writing.
  • Allow yourself to write a lousy first draft. The first draft will provide you with something to work with. So, never expect the first draft to be good enough.
  • Give yourself enough time to revise it. Revision is key to producing a good dissertation.
  • Get someone to give feedback or comments and revise it accordingly.
  • Always remember that there is no perfect dissertation. Try to do your best not the best.

Writing regularly can become a source of inspiration. If you keep running away from writing, there is a chance that you will spend months feeling distracted and add nothing to your goal. Therefore, stick to your plan and keep writing.

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