What difficulties does a researcher face?

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Academia is full of hardships. It is sometimes frustrating. It requires lots of patience and hard work. If you are planning to be a researcher, you must know what difficulties you will face. Also, it is helpful to early researchers because if they know these problems are common and part of research process, they may feel less frustrated. It may help them to deal with these problems. 

     The difficulties can be divided into two: 1. academic; 2. administrative. 

1. Academic difficulties:

 They refer to research related challenges such as, finding a good supervisor; finding a good research questions; finding material for the research; finding people to review your manuscript or to have a good discussion. You may find difficulties in writing a research proposal or chapters. You also have to publish some research articles during this period so you may find it difficult to get a good publication. 

    Further, it would be very difficult if your supervisor does not give you feedback on your drafts, or s/he does not put signatures on the necessary documents for you on time. Also, you have to be able to meet the deadlines. You have to also find funding for your research or any other kind of financial support on time. 

2. Administration-related difficulties:

 Apart from above mentioned difficulties, there are other difficulties that a researcher deals with. Research under an institution creates a lot of problems. Researchers who are affiliated to an institution need to fulfil some requirements. These requirements are necessary to be fulfilled to avail the fellowship or to get the degree. So, you cannot ignore them. 

    There are various paper works. Dealing with them can be so frustrating that you may barely get the energy for studying. You have to gather information about how to get your work done. What forms should you fill? Whom do you get signature from? In the office, no one knows anything about anything.  You have to do it by yourself.    

3.  Other Difficulties:

There are no direct deadlines to complete certain section or chapter of your dissertation. You may find it difficult to complete you dissertation time. You may find it difficult to figure when to stop reading and start writing. 

The above problems are almost inevitable if you are doing research in an Indian institution. Dealing with office people, going to office to office, getting signatures from authorities and then dealing with academic difficulties may demotivate you to work. But you have to keep working. You have to keep yourself motivated while you are facing any of the above problems.    

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