Why is Body-Shaming Wrong?

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Image source: CNN.com

Let us first understand what body shaming is. Body shaming is an act of shaming a person for having a particular kind of body. Different kinds of bodies have different colors, shapes, and sizes. Whereas, society idealizes a particular kind of color, shape, and size and disapproves of others. Those who do not have the ideal figure are shamed for not having a certain type of body.

Body shaming is based on two assumptions: first, by shaming a person for his/her odd body shape, he or she is encouraging the person to improve their body. Second, making jokes on one’s body is acceptable, and does not harm. Both the assumptions are false, and the above acts are insensitive and immoral.

Further, shaming someone is not funny at all. Bollywood plays an important role in normalizing body shaming. It also shows that only certain types of bodies are fit and healthy. Likewise, people with dark skin, thin bodies, or short height are also shown as laughable or inferior in T.V. serials and movies. This normalization is wrong in many ways.

To get a more clear picture, let us take an example of what is the common belief about people who are overweight. In our society, being overweight is often portrayed as being lazy and inactive. In Bollywood movies also, fat people are shown as dumb. So when we shame a person for being overweight, we also tend to consider him/her as lazy. And we think that by doing so encouraging the person to be better. But what we are doing is that we are harming the person’s mental health. We must understand that how a person looks is non of our business.

If one thinks it is still funny to body shame, one needs to improve his or her sense of humor. Body shaming is equal to harassing the person. It may lead to mental trauma. By body shaming, no one is helping the other to improve. Because no one needs improvement, just because others think so.

Each and every ‘body’ is unique as well as beautiful. If someone is not able to see that, it is only his/her fault. People must learn to keep their opinion on how someone should look, to themselves only. And they must be held accountable for harassing others through body shaming.

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